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The Learn & Grow learning and content management system, powered by Unicorn’s award winning LMS, provides an organisational hub for the delivery and management of every single learning requirement and intervention within your business.

Learn & Grow is fully customisable and mobile ready for access anywhere, and its features and functionality are configured to meet your learning and management needs around administration, tracking, delivery and sharing of programmes and content. Basically, Learn & Grow is specifically designed to be all about the people who use it.

What does Learn & Grow Offer?

eAlliance - Learn and Grow

From a personalised home page, users are just one click away from their individual training plans and a list of current, historic and future activities, including eLearning, webinars, assessments and face to face events.

Users can also access a catalogue area where they will be able to find a range of eLearning courses, videos, online and offline events (Webinars, eBriefings, 1-2-1, workshops, seminars, surveys, etc.), useful links and other relevant organisational resources. This feature can be controlled through an approval process for materials which are not to be freely available for all staff.

eAlliance - Learn and Grow

Managers can get at-a-glance information about staff or team activity from the home page with links to an interactive traffic light dashboard providing a simple, immediate overview of staff activity, progress and attainment.

A suite, of pre-configured and if required, organisationally specific reports can be defined by role in a business  to give managers and supervisors access to information about either learners under their direct responsibility or a broader range of staff or activities.

Reporting can be ad-hoc or scheduled to be run regularly with reminders sent to designated users. Reports can be created by Administrators based on any data fields within the system and can be saved for future use. It is also possible to download a report from the manager dashboard.

The Tin Can XAPI learning record standard enables you to collect data and report learning activities from a wide range of on and off line sources.

Each Learn & Grow platform is equipped with an integral library of high quality courses, which have been carefully catalogued so you can find exactly what you want. Each category is broken down into a series of subject areas containing related course modules and online learning resources ready to be deployed across your organisation.

Categories include Workplace Essentials, Skills for Business, Leadership and Management and Microsoft IT Skills. We’ve even got online resources to support a range of professional development and qualification programmes.

Through the Learning Library you can simply select off-the-shelf eLearning course suites or create your own customised learning pathways to meet exact training and development requirements. You can also extend the library with courses from our approved partners, 3rd party providers and bespoke online learning programmes.

eAlliance - Learn and GrowSystem Administrators can create, allocate and manage all activities within Learn & Grow. Once activities are created and uploaded, administrators can set a CPD value if relevant, and publish to a catalogue for self-registration, allocate directly to individuals or groups of users, or set up enrolment rules for automatic allocation. Key features include:

Content Upload

You are able to upload and deploy your own SCORM, ACII and Tin Can compatible content as well as videos, audio, Word, Excel. PDF, PowerPoint and Webinars.

Webinar Management

The webinar feature integrates with your WebEx account to enable scheduled WebEx webinars to be added to a user’s personal learning activities and record attendance.

Compliance Management

Learn & Grow enables you to target training in line with relevant regulatory or legislative compliance, scheduling courses and updates as well as tracking and reporting on employee mandatory compliance training records.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Learn & Grow incorporates a CPD tool aligned to the CPD frameworks of professional body partners allowing users to record and track their CPD. Activities undertaken on Learn & Grow will automatically transfer to the CPD record, and can be supplemented with manually recorded activities undertaken off-line, including via the Mobile CPD App, which is available on iOS and Android devices. Individuals and managers can review progress aligned to a CPD scheme requirements via their home page and also access learning statements and recommended learning to achieve CPD.

Programme Creation

Administrators can group eLearning events, assessments and off line activities into a single programme and auto-enrol groups of users into the programme.

Useful Links

Learn & Grow provides a Useful Links portlet that can be populated with a defined list of links to encourage users to proactively learn from varied sources. Examples could include:

  • Corporate website / intranet
  • Regulatory and awarding bodies
  • Industry relevant websites
  • Frequently used business sites

Discussion Forums and “Ask the Expert”

Learn & Grow’s Discussion Forums enable administrators and training managers to associate either open or group specific participation to discuss learning subjects with their peers, and share ideas, updates and information relative to a particular learning activity or event. Ask the Expert enables an individual subject matter expert to be assigned to a training activity to respond to questions from its participants.

The eCreator is a user-friendly, flexible authoring tool integrated within Learn & Grow, which will enable you to create quality learning content quickly, easily and with minimal effort.

All courses created in the eCreator are mobile compatible, and you can even create and edit them on your tablet.

Uniquely, with the eCreator activated on your Learn & Grow platform, you have an unlimited licence for as many course developers as you wish within your organisation and no limit on the scope to create and edit eCreator content.

No matter how large or small your company may be, the eCreator allows you to create great looking content that’s easy to maintain.

The eCreator comes with a full set of standard templates and themes, so the learning you create will have a professional look and feel. We can also supply a version of these templates using your branding, including a custom pathway image, or design and create bespoke templates as required.

The Event Management System allows administrators to plan, schedule, create and publish face-to-face training and other relevant off-line events. The Events Calendar provides clear visibility of what is planned, when and where, together with candidate registration and line management approval status.

A configurable assessment module in Learn & Grow allows you to create, allocate and schedule your own assessments and surveys with tailored question banks, which users can access through their individual activities area, and receive instant feedback on their performance.

You can use Learn & Grow to help diagnose gaps in knowledge or understanding and automatically recommend remedial activity. Where your assessment questions have been linked to “related learning”, the system will recommend activities the learner should undertake based on their performance in the assessment.

Multiple Tenancy enables the creation of unique, independent portals for organisational sub-groups or external clients on your Learn & Grow platform. Each portal provides core Learn & Grow platform functionality with independent administration subject to designated permissions. Portals can also be customised with organisational brand, access to learning content and addition of features.

In order to ensure organisations achieve the best experience from Learn & Grow the system can incorporate a Single Sign On (SSO) so users can access the platform without a separate login. We are also able to provide automated data feed from your HR system to ensure user information is always up- to-date without the need for manual intervention.


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