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Leadership and Management Qualifications

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Supporting Qualifications for Business Professionals

Our out-of-the-box online resources provide an instant solution that will enable you to support learners and increase delivery capacity across a range of leadership and management qualifications and management apprenticeships.

ILM Qualification Units

Our Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) resources have been carefully mapped to the learning requirements for over 75 qualification units at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, providing a structured combination of online study materials, including eLearning courses and videos, self-study materials, assessment guides and downloadable articles and additional reading, all delivered via an intuitive learning portal, enabling you to build programmes that meet your exact requirements.

Need some help building or delivering a qualification programme?

Whether you are running an Award, Certificate or Diploma qualification, we can help you select a combination of units to meet your training needs and fulfil ILM qualification completion criteria. If you require support delivering your qualifications, our experienced ILM Approved Centre partners are available to help with all aspects of your programme.

Find out which units we cover by clicking on the qualification levels below.

  • 8002-250: Developing yourself as a team leader
  • 8002-251: Improving performance of the work team
  • 8003-252: Planning and monitoring work
  • 8002-253: Developing the work team
  • 8002-254: Induction and coaching in the workplace
  • 8002-255: Meeting customer needs
  • 8002-259: Understanding change in the workplace
  • 8002-260: Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment
  • 8002-261: Diversity in the workplace
  • 8002-262: Using resources effectively and efficiently in the workplace
  • 8002-264: Briefing the work team
  • 8002-265: Workplace communication
  • 8002-268: Leading your work team
  • 8002-269: Managing yourself
  • 8002-270: Enterprise awareness
  • 8002-272: Setting team objectives in the workplace
  • 8002-274: Methods of communication in the workplace
  • 8002-275: Satisfying customer requirements
  • 8002-276: Understanding effective team working
  • 8600-300: Solving problems and making decisions
  • 8600-301: Understanding innovation and change in an organisation
  • 8600-302: Planning change in the workplace
  • 8600-303: Planning and allocating work
  • 8600-304: Writing for business
  • 8600-305: Contributing to innovation and creativity in the workplace
  • 8600-306: Understanding customer service standards and requirements
  • 8600-307: Giving briefings and making presentations
  • 8600-308: Understanding leadership
  • 8600-309: Understand how to establish an effective team
  • 8600-310: Understand how to motivate to improve performance
  • 8600-311: Develop yourself and others
  • 8600-312: Understanding conflict management in the workplace
  • 8600-313: Understanding stress management in the workplace
  • 8600-314: Understanding discipline in the workplace
  • 8600-315: Understanding recruitment and selection of new staff in the workplace
  • 8600-317: Understanding training and coaching in the workplace
  • 8600-318: Understanding quality management in the workplace
  • 8600-319: Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace
  • 8600-320: Managing workplace projects
  • 8600-321: Understanding health and safety in the workplace
  • 8600-323: Understanding performance management
  • 8600-324: Understanding costs and budgets in an organisation
  • 8600-326: Understanding the communication process in the workplace
  • 8600-327: Understanding negotiation and networking in the workplace
  • 8600-328: Understand how to lead effective meetings
  • 8600-334: Understanding and developing relationships in the workplace
  • 8600-336: Understanding incident management and disaster recovery in the workplace
  • 8600-338: Understanding how to manage remote workers
  • 8600-341: Leading and motivating a team effectively
  • 8600-342: Developing own leadership capability using action learning
  • 8605-400: Understanding the management role to improve management performance
  • 8605-404: Delegating authority in the workplace
  • 8605-405: Developing people in the workplace
  • 8605-406: Developing your leadership styles
  • 8605-407: Understanding financial management
  • 8605-408: Management communication
  • 8605-409: Managing personal development
  • 8605-411: Managing a healthy and safe environment
  • 8605-412: Managing meetings
  • 8605-415: Motivating people in the workplace
  • 8605-416: Solving problems by making effective decisions in the workplace
  • 8605-417: Managing and implementing change in the workplace
  • 8605-420: Budgetary planning and control
  • 8607-501: Managing improvement
  • 8607-503: Developing critical thinking
  • 8607-504: Leading innovation and change
  • 8607-505: Managing individual development
  • 8607-506: Managing stress and conflict in the organisation
  • 8607-509: Managing customer relations
  • 8607-510: Managing for efficiency and effectiveness
  • 8607-511: Managing projects in the organisation
  • 8607-512: Managing resources
  • 8607-514: Managing recruitment
  • 8607-518: Making professional presentations
  • 8607-519: Developing and leading teams to achieve organisational objectives
  • 8607-520: Assessing your own leadership capability and performance
  • 8607-522: Becoming an effective leader
  • 8607-526: Managing remote workers
  • 8607-527: Partnership working
  • 8607-533: Managing mental health in the workplace
  • 8607-550: Understanding the skills’ principles and practices of effective management coaching and mentoring within an organisational context

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