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Supporting the legal profession to tackle mental health during Stress Awareness Month

Is there more that law firms can do to raise awareness and support the mental health of their employees?

Statistically one in four people suffers with a mental health related issue and it is well documented that poor mental health is an increasingly serious problem affecting many in the legal profession. Surveys conducted on behalf of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) found that:

  • 69% of legal professionals had experienced some kind of mental health problem
  • Male lawyers can experience unique barriers especially in relation to support seeking
  • Female participants averaged higher levels of burnout compared with their male counterparts

The professional culture of long hours, fiercely competitive environments, high-intensity workloads and the hyper-focusing on generating profits and billable hours by some practices, are all attributable to worryingly high levels of burnout.

In their article published in May 2022, The Law Society once again addressed the need for a mental health culture change in the legal profession, highlighting key areas of focus and the advice and support available to legal professionals throughout the UK.

How we can help

In Stress Awareness Month, the team at eAlliance Learning Technology has released a new package of specialist online resources to support law firms trying to implement cultural change and raise awareness of the causes behind mental health and the value of positive wellbeing.  This package provides law firms with:

  • General awareness of the key issues, practical guidance and best practice
  • An understanding of the legal rights and obligations of lawyers and law firms with mental ill-health
  • Insight into the potential consequences of impaired judgement

Including ‘bite-sized’ eLearning courses, self-help videos and key information links, our programme can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individuals and practices. The  common themes cover issues and situations such as:

  • Identifying the specific stressors within the legal profession
  • Recognising and managing stress and symptoms of poor mental health
  • How to promote and provide support
  • Avoiding burnout, building resilience and dealing with anxiety and loneliness
  • Your obligations and rights
  • The SRA’s position on mental ill-health and misconduct
  • Creating a culture of openness and mitigating pressure
  • Monitoring work/life balance

For the next 30 days you can request a free login to a short taster programme where you can preview some of our mental health and wellbeing resources for law firms.

Or simply email enquiries@ea-learningtech.com or telephone 01787 468512 to get more information or arrange a demo of the full programme.

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